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The most common type of yam is water yams that are grown in the Buganda region as well as Adjumani. Coco yams are those grown mostly in valleys. The yam variety mostly consumed in Uganda is called Kyetumula in Luganda. Others are Balugu and Endagu, Mayuni,Bukopa

Yams are tuber crops and Uganda is one of the countries in Africa that grow yams as a food crop. Though the crop is grown in most parts of the country, there is more concentrated growing for it in the central and eastern regions.

Yams take about nine months to grow and most African farmers use its tuber as food, but here we are using its leaves to find the optimum condition for them to grow which we have actually ascertained.

The crop is medicinal because its steroid extract is used for making family planning pill tablets and for the men in Africa it acts as a “natural Viagra”.
Despite their low social status in the food kingdom and “bad” looks, yams are valuable sources of nutritional value. Yams are a rich source of vitamin B6, which is a vitamin that is useful in reducing the risk of heart disease. They are also laden with potassium, which is helpful in controlling blood pressure.